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About Triumph Higher Education Group

Triumph Higher Education Group (Triumph) is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois.  Triumph is a global education organization dedicated to providing dynamic high-quality learning experiences using technology to enhance learning and outcomes.

The primary areas of academic focus at Triumph are culinary and pastry arts education delivered on-ground as well as online. Triumph’s educational disciplines address key educational needs for the nation and the world. Triumph’ culinary and pastry arts education is delivered under the betway online bettingbrand name of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and are located in Austin, Texas and Boulder, Colorado. Triumph also offers professional online culinary and pastry education through its Boulder campus, designed for adult career changers or those already in the industry with the goal of advancing their careers.

Triumph is also focused on increasing its impact in the health and wellness arena as well as addressing the culinary and hospitality industry’s workforce development challenges.  New and recent additions to the Triumph family include MM411, Inc., the leading online resource for professional medical cannabis education and certification as well betway casino loginas Gecko Hospitality, Inc., a national leader in the hospitality and restaurant recruitment industry.

Founded in 2009, Medical Marijuana 411 is the worldwide leader in online medical marijuana education. More than 9,000 medical professionals from 20 different countries have taken MM411 research-based cannabis courses. With cannabis education programs approved by more U.S. states than any other organization, MM411 offers medical cannabis certifications and aligns with government entities to develop certification programs for medical and industry professionals, U.S. state-required certifications for healthcare professionals, and consultants (budtenders)betway casino login. Certifications are focused on areas such as federal and state marijuana laws, science, endocannabinoid system, approved conditions, safe handling, dispensary customer service, how to use various product methods, and dosing. For more information visit Medical Marijuana 411.

Based in Fort Myers, FL, Gecko Hospitality is the largest recruiting firm dedicated solely to the hospitality and restaurant industry. Gecko Hospitality’s national network of recruiters and franchise partners connects top-tier talent to companies within the hospitality and restaurant industries. Gecko’s rigorous seven-step interview and placement process ensures only the betway casino loginbest candidates are selected to fit the culture and requirements of its clients.  Gecko is dedicated to elevating the hospitality experience by connecting exceptional professionals with premier organizations.  For more information, visit

At Triumph, our dedicated team of seasoned professionals brings years of experience in post-secondary education and various technology and learning-related fields. We specialize in fostering growth and development for both on-ground and online post-secondary institutions, as well as other industries. From finance and compliance to marketing and technology, we can equip institutions betway casino loginand related organizations with the strength they need to overcome today’s challenges and seize the opportunities of tomorrow. With Triumph by your side, triumph is within reach.